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Rules to live by at Bed & Breakfast

Bed & Breakfast 

For 16 years I have opened my home to my clients' well behaved and house trained dogs. I have one highly socialized, medium size hound and two declawed cats. I do not place size restrictions on the dogs that I welcome into my home, but I do require that they be behaved well enough that they can fit into the quiet environment of my household. That's not saying that we don't get a little rowdy and rambunctious around here. I have a very large fenced in yard and a pet play area in my home for the rainy days. Otherwise, the visiting pals have the same freedom and rights to the rest of my house as my dog does. It's been referred to as Doggie Disneyland by some long time clients. I do make special exceptions for clients with puppies that have not been trained yet. Please call me for more information about puppy care (571-233-7033).

My policy is to take only one family at a time, up to two dogs. I will make special exceptions for this if all parties are in agreement to sharing space. 


Please call for a special rate if you have cats or other small pets at home that will need care as well. We offer a discounted nightly rate when you add in-home pet care to your service.

$55.00 per day for 1 dog

$65.00 per day for 2 dogs

$25.00 additional for holidays

(Christmas Eve / Day, NYE /Day, Easter, Memorial, Labor & Thanksgiving)

*** We have 14 day cancellation policy. Please call to let us know at least 14 days prior to your reservation if you will be cancelling or making changes to your reserved dates. There is a charge of 50% of the canceled dates within the 14 day window of your reservation due to the high demand for service and the limited amount of space.