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We here at Abundant Love for Pets are full time pet sitters. We have been serving Western Prince William and Eastern Fauquier Counties for almost 20 years. We love our job and care for our clients’ pets as though they are our own. We take our duties and responsibilities very seriously. Northern Virginia and Virginia Living magazines have voted us the “Best Pet Service” in our community. It is our priority to provide reliable, honest and loving care for your home and your pets when you can’t be there.

We’d like to point out a couple of things that might help you decide how to choose y0ur future pet care provider.

Does the pet sitter advertise on their vehicles? If so, they are also advertising to the whole community, that you are not home. We DO NOT advertise on our vehicles and are also highly selective about our social media posts, so as to not disclose any sensitive information that could inadvertently attract trouble to your home while no one is home.

When selecting a Bed & Breakfast (Private Boarding) pet care provider… How many different dogs do they “board” at one time and how long are they left alone while the pet care provider is working at their other job or tending to their other responsibilities? Caring for your pets is our full time job. When your pet comes to stay with one of us, we will work from home on those days in order to ensure the best possible Bed & Breakfast experience possible. We want to create a true vacation for your dog. We only accept one family’s dog(s) at a time. We can negotiate special circumstances, of course.

Scratch a dog and you’ll find a permanent job.
— Franklin P. Jones


Our Services


Bed & Breakfast (Private Boarding)

For almost 20 years we have opened our home to our clients’ well-behaved and house-trained dogs. We have one highly socialized, medium size bloodhound and two very dog-savvy cats. We do not place size restrictions on the dogs that we welcome into our home but we do require that they be well behaved enough that they can fit into the quiet environment of our household. That’s not saying that we don’t get a little rowdy and rambunctious around here. We have a very large fenced in yard and a pet play area in our home for the rainy days. Otherwise, the visiting pals have the same freedom and rights to the rest of our home as our own dog does. Our home has been referred to as Doggie Disneyland by some of our long time clients.

Our policy is to take only one family at a time with up to two dogs. We can make special exceptions for this if all parties are in agreement for sharing space. Please call for a special rate discount if you have cats or other pets that will need in-home pet sitting services too while you are away.

Overnight House Sitting

This is one of our most popular services. One of our three qualified house sitters will come stay at your home while you are away and provide pet and house sitting. We would “check in” to your home at your requested service time prepared to spend the night. We will come and go from your residence much like you do, but we would do our very best to not be gone for more than four hours at a time. We would “check out” at the prearranged time.

It’s a good idea to call and reserve your service as soon as you think that you might need it. It is very popular, especially during the holidays and summer months and we do not book all three sitters at the same time. Therefore, there is a backup sitter available if one of the others has an emergency and can’t perform his/her duties.


Our daycare service is very unique. We offer daily service from 7AM to 7PM. Between 10AM and 5PM, pick up and delivery can be arranged at no extra charge. In order to maintain a fun and relaxing atmosphere, we require a meet and greet here in our home or at yours to assess your dogs personality to see if he/she would be a good fit with the current daycare pack. It’s a small group and space is limited, but we still have availability.

dog Walking

We offer our services 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. Not everyone works from 9 to 5 and that is why we start our days at 7 AM and take our last walk at 10 PM. Our walks are 20 minutes but can be extended to 30 minutes or more for a slight increase in our fee. Not all of our clients require an actual walk for their dog(s) but the category and cost remains the same as a typical dog walk. It is the service provider’s time that determines the rate. It is our pleasure to provide whatever the client’s pet related needs are during the scheduled time.

pet sitting

Choosing to leave your beloved pet behind when traveling is never easy. But you’re choosing to leave them in an environment that is familiar, it is safe, and it is an affordable alternative to placing your pets in a kennel. Certainly, if you have multiple pets, there is no better choice than to leave the entire pack at home. Our rates are developed by calculating the time and distance involved in serving your household and rarely involves charging by the size or amount of pets that you have. When deciding whether or not to use a kennel, keep in mind that there are often additional fees if you want your pet to have any extra time released from their crate to stretch their legs, play or get exercise, and the fees increase as the size of your pet does. Home is where the heart is…shouldn’t your pet be there too?

Farm care

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pet taxi

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I have been using Abundant Love for Pets since they trained my husky, Cyrus, as a pup. Cyrus is now five years old. The faces sometimes change, but each dog walker and sitter has been consistently compassionate and diligent.
— Margaret Powers
Brooke has saved the day for me so many times when I have an unexpected appointment. I can also go out of town knowing she will treat my home and my dogs like her own. I don’t know what I would do without her and her great staff.
— Peggy Oremland - RE/MAX Premier
What do dogs do on their day off? Can’t lie around - that’s their job.
— George Carlin




Our site is under construction while we change web hosting companies.