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Abundant Love for Pets, House Sitting

Overnight pet sitting or house sitting is one of our most popular services. The service is provided in your home while you are away. We would "check in" at your home at your requested service time and provide around the clock pet care until your requested "check out" time. We would come and go from your residence much like you do; only we would do our very best to not be gone for more than 4 hours at a time.
An example of a typical day for our overnight services while staying in your home would look much like this...
EXAMPLE ONLY, times may vary based on your check in and check out times as well as our other scheduling obligations that would be discussed with you at the time of the reservation request.

Check in at 10:00 AM
Greet your pet/s and let them out or go for a walk.
Find our room and get settled in.
11:00 AM
Leave for a couple of hours to tend to our other pet sitting clients or our own personal obligations. We might not have to be anywhere though so the morning would be spent at your house with your pet/s.
3:00 PM
Arrive back at your home to greet your pet/s and play in the yard or go for another walk.
Dinner is usually anytime between 4:00 - 7:00PM. That will be determined by the client.
After your pet/s have been fed and tended to, we would most likely depart your residence to have dinner with our own families or to tend to our evening rounds for our other clients. Or we may not have to be anywhere and the entire evening will be spent in your home.
10:00 PM
Return to your home to spend the night .
7:00 AM
Breakfast will be served and we will take another walk or let the pet/s into the yard for morning relief. We would leave after breakfast to attend to our work or personal schedules or we may not have to be anywhere at all and the morning will be spent at your home with your pet/s.

The rate is based on a 24 hr period.
$95.00 per 24 hrs of house sitting
$85.00 per 24 hrs of house sitting for our M-F mid day dog walk clients
$17.00 per walk beyond the final 24 hr period of your house sitting reservation
$25.00 additional holiday pay for (Thanksgiving and the following weekend, Christmas Eve, Christmas day, NYE, NYD, Easter weekend, Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend)

*** We have a 14 day cancellation policy.
Due to the limited number of staffers available for overnights and the popularity of the service; we must insist on notification at least 14 days in advance of your cancellation or changes to your reservation. There is a 50% charge of the total days reserved that are cancelled within the 14 day window. Please let us know as soon as possible of your cancellation, especially if it is going to fall over a holiday weekend.

Please call anytime for your questions regarding our cancellation policy.