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Pet Sitting

There is no place like home

In-Home Pet Care 

Choosing to leave your beloved pet behind when traveling is never easy. However, we firmly believe that since home is where the heart is, it's also where Fido or Fifi should be too when you can't take them with you. Home is familiar, it is safe and it can be more AFFORDABLE to leave them at home. We believe in keeping our prices low in an effort to encourage our clients to use this option as an alternative to kennels. Certainly, if you have multiple pets, you can't have a  better choice than leaving the entire gang at home. Our rates are developed by calculating the time and distance involved in serving your household and rarely involve charging by the size or amount of pets that you have or by how many times they allowed out of their kennels for exercise or playtime, as kennels often do. The pricing is the same as our dog walks; it's the job description that changes.

 $17.00 for 20 minutes
 $19.00 for 30 minutes (Some people with a menagerie of pets fall into this category simply  because it requires more time to attend to all of the four legged family members. 

  • For households with just cats, birds or small exotic pets that might only need a quick   visit; please call us to inquire about a receiving a discounted rate based on shorter visits.